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Commercial Empire

Commercial Empire

During Commercial Empire, Tim Bratz goes into detail about the fundamentals of his apartment model, giving you the tools and education you need to build velocity NOW.

Commercial Empire is typically a live, multi-day event. Due to COVID-19, we’ve made Commercial Empire VIRTUAL.

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What’s Included with Admission?

Resource Vault
Access to FB Group
Recordings & Videos
Q&A Sessions
  • Resource Vault: Access to vault containing resources such as LOI templates, underwriting spreadsheets, SOP’s and more
  • Access to FB Group: Lifetime access to private Commercial Empire Facebook group where deals are posted, ideas are exchanged and tons of networking takes place
  • Recordings & Videos: Immediate access to recordings of the most recent Commercial Empire event
  • Q&A Sessions: Plenty of Opportunities to have questions answered by Tim and his team

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