Jason and Pili interviewed Tim Bratz on the REI Foundation Podcast and discussed the following topics:

  • Where and why did Tim get started in real estate?
  • What was pushed Tim past “analysis paralysis” to get him to take action?
  • Fearful vs. Faithful “What If’s”
  • What is Tim’s elevator pitch when someone asks him what he does?
  • What Tim wants to say to those who are waiting for a downturn in the market to take action?
  • How is Tim finding deals? What is his source?
  • What Tim’s team consists of, where it can run itself, if needed to.
  • What has been key for Tim to hire team members successfully?
  • What is Tim working on right now to improve his business?
  • What’s Tim’s WHY?
  • Tim’s Morning Routine
  • Tim’s advice on where someone looking to get into real estate should start
Listen to the show here:

This interview originally appeared on the The Real Estate Investment Foundation Podcast podcast March 20, 2019.

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