Legacy Wealth Holdings is a leading real estate investment company located in Cleveland, OH.

Our History

Legacy Wealth Holdings was launched in 2009 as a socially conscious real estate investment company. Founder Tim Bratz was drawn to real estate because he saw the long term benefits of a solid investment.

Tim began his career in the competitive New York City real estate market working as a broker leasing ground floor retail units. Here, he saw the true potential of real estate to transform lives. Although Tim was limited in means, he spent his time reading, attending workshops, and networking with accomplished entrepreneurs learning that being resourceful was the ultimate path to becoming successful.

With this knowledge, Tim embarked on building his real estate company in Charleston, South Carolina, where he had relocated in search of a better quality of life. Arriving in 2008, after the real estate bubble burst, Tim quickly adapted and using a credit card, increased his limit and then wrote himself a balance transfer check to acquire the cheapest property he could find. Armed with his personal investment and plenty of sweat equity, Tim transformed a rundown duplex and turned a profit on his first deal. He then took those proceeds and reinvested them, while seeking private capital to expand his growing company. Today, Tim still uses this formula for success, which all starts with being resourceful and having the right mindset.

  • Tim purchases first investment property.

  • Tim purchases his first rental property to build long-term passive income.

  • Struggling and with no significant cash flow, Tim turns around the fledgling company.

  • LWH hires their first employee and begins to grow.

  • The company reaches a milestone by adding 100 units to their rental portfolio.

  • Partners with Keller Williams to open a Property Management division.

  • KW manages 600+ units, LWH flips 100+ properties and owns 500+ rental units.

  • LWH focuses its efforts exclusively on building an apartment portfolio and grows to 1,500+ rental units and launches an apartment coaching program called commercial empire

  • LWH grows its portfolio to 3,200+ rental units and launches the Legacy Wealth fund for accredited passive investors.

Our Team

Our team brings a positive and resourceful attitude to every interaction we have with you. As experienced professionals, we are available to assist with your real estate needs from beginning to end.

Matt Carlin

Matt Carlin

Chief Operating Officer
Fadi Boumitri

Fadi Boumitri

Chief Investment Officer
Nick Burton

Nick Burton

Director of Acquisitions
Matt Suhay

Matt Suhay

Director of Project Management
Marty Zietlow

Marty Zietlow

Director of Marketing
Abbie Baglia

Abbie Baglia

Director of Property Management

Tim Bratz, CEO

Tim is the visionary who focuses on serving customers while working closely to grow and strengthen relationships with private investors. He has built his company on integrity and works hard to ensure every customer who completes a transaction is fully satisfied.

Working in real estate, Tim has learned how to create a passive income that allows him to live the lifestyle of his choice. His goal is to educate and empower others to become financially free through their own investments.

Matt Carlin, Chief Operating Officer

Matt manages daily operations and keeps everything running smoothly. He oversees and mentors all staff members and ensures each team member has the resources to thrive at their role.

Matt’s favorite part of working in real estate and for Legacy Wealth Holdings is the power to create his own success and the opportunity to help clients craft the lifestyle they desire through investing.

Email carlin@legacywealthholdings.com

Fadi Boumitri, Chief Investment Officer

Fadi serves as in-house legal counsel for Legacy Wealth Holdings. His primary duties include maintaining SEC compliance, raising private equity, and investor relations.

Email boumitri@legacywealthholdings.com

Nick Burton, Director of Acquisitions

Nick is in charge of locating investment opportunities. He finds and negotiates properties and maintains communications with sellers throughout the entire process.

Nick enjoys the diversity of projects working in real estate and for Legacy Wealth Holdings. He appreciates being part of a team that can quickly seize an opportunity and turn it into someone else’s dream.

Email burton@legacywealthholdings.com

Matt Suhay, Director of Project Management

Matt is in charge of overseeing the value add portion of the new properties that are brought into Legacy Wealth Holdings’ investment portfolio. This includes putting together a scope of work, forming a budget, hiring contractors, ordering supplies from vendors, and inspecting the property from start to finish. He also assists property management with the long-term upkeep of all investments.

Matt enjoys the opportunity, as Director of Project Management, to see the value in a distressed property and help it reach its full potential once it is stabilized.

Email suhay@cleturnkey.com

Marty Zietlow, Director of Marketing

Marty handles marketing, including coordinating deals, brand building, and growing a list of private investors. He works to attract new buyers and lenders and follows deals from start to close.

Being part of such a talented team and assisting clients in growing their own investments is what Marty enjoys most about working at Legacy Wealth Holdings. For him, there’s nothing more fulfilling than supporting clients’ success.

Email zietlow@legacywealthholdings.com

Abbie Baglia, Director of Property Management

Abbie is in charge of overseeing the property management division for Legacy Wealth Holdings investment portfolio. She manages the day to day administrative departments. This includes rent collection, tenant communications, utilities, occupied unit maintenance and office administration.

Abbie enjoys the opportunity to take care of the investment properties and provide excellent client service. She loves being part of a talented team that values integrity and a has strong work ethic.

Email baglia@cleturnkey.com